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Author Topic: “Big Brother. Big Mouth.” OR “With Friends Like These...”  (Read 1057 times)
Colorado Jason
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« on: February 22, 2013, 12:00:08 am »

“Big Brother.  Big Mouth.”  OR  “With Friends Like These...”


Sometimes I am happy to be an only child.  Really.  Like….today….wait.  You already know where I’m going with this don’t you.

“His brother NEED to shut the HELL up#1!”

Often times I think Charles Barkley indeed DOES say it best when it comes to many basketball related things.  Certainly you feel like he is the only TV personality talking about the game that isn’t restrained by contractual agreements to never say anything that might possibly go against the NBA or its legal, etc., etc.…..

But I’ve never seen the Bulls get off their own home court so fast.  Maybe ever.  I figured it was about to go down in the locker room.  But why?

Personally, I was stunned when I heard the comments by Reggie, Rose’s older brother and manager.  “It's frustrating to see my brother play his heart and soul out for the team and them not put anything around him.”  (He also went on to bad mouth the organization for not making a trade, etc.)

ALL other thinking aside, WHY would you grant every other team in the NBA a mental advantage over the team you SUPPOSEDLY love, and the town you PERHAPS value, and the brother you have now embarrassed?  WHY?  I have been trying to wrap my head around it. 

This is Jordan 101, if you ever grew up watching the Bulls, particularly Phil Jackson.  You NEVER give up your thoughts, as it might lead to an advantage for other teams, or in fact, the reason they lost this game, it creates a DISTRACTION amongst your players.  On the day of the trade deadline.  Against the Heat.  Hmmmmm. 

What were you thinking Fredo?…..I mean Reggie (it always hurts most when it comes from within the family.  If only the Godfather, “Pippen”, could “motivate” Reggie to pipe down). 

2 SEASON LOW scoring attempts in the same month?  Lowest since 2003/4?
A paranoid man would say: “Do they know something we don’t know?” What don’t we know in regards to Rose, his return, the trade scenarios for the Bull’s future?

Here is an early segment I like to call…

“Stuff my half sleeping wife says while passing out on the couch during a game”

My wife woke up in the 3rd to say…”It makes me think he (Reggie) is working for Miami. Jesus.”

She makes a good point.  A very good point.  The Heat vs Bulls games are ALWAYS VERY competitive.  Not tonight.  Not at all.  Thet were deflated, defeated.  The bulls had to have something on their minds.  Turnover after turnover.  Fast break disaster after fast break disaster. 

They were rushed.  They were out of sync.  They perhaps were at a grateful Dead show tripping out the night before…or so it would seem. 

They simply did NOT have their minds on the game.  A Phil Jackson imperative.  This game is MENTAL every bit as much or more than physical; and the Bulls were beaten this afternoon before the game by the big brother.  The manager.  Well, you get it.  I digress to Charles Barkley who found at least 5 ways to tell Reggie that he was not helping, and his comments, were not helping anyone.

Yes.  On national TV, a basketball hall of famer called out D Rose’s brother, for criticizing the Bulls, and more importantly underestimating and disrespecting the Bulls players (yeah, the guys Derrick works with, that HAVE to trust him for the team to work)….my ulcer is acting up again.

This Bulls team has this many wins because they play as a TEAM.  They have a model that works because they like each other, and they trust each other.  No one needs that eroded by some pretty careless comments.  I suspect that the Bulls players are good enough friends and close enough, as well as serious enough competitors, that this doesn’t hurt them too much in the long run….I hope. 

But this season is fragile.   The players are indeed fragile.  This is a strong family of overachievers, and they KNOW a change is coming in the off-season.  But WHY would you focus on that now?  There was no one to trade for.  There was no big deal waiting to happen.  Jesus, maybe Reggie just woke up and didn’t know his own name after being drugged by aliens… maybe.

“Do they know something we don’t know?”  I would never think THIS team, that out-heart’s and out-hustles almost all others teams would mail it in, but is it this big? 

After too many whiskeys tonight, and a whole lot more (hey, don’t judge me, it’s legal here in Colorado)…..I still can’t figure out why this happened.  The refs must have felt it too, as they let Anderson (yes, eeeewwwww) flail all over the court committing foul (not called) after dangerous foul (not called).  Yes, the Heat played well.  Maybe well enough to solidify the Bulls decision to keep Rose out (I wish they could keep his brother out as well).

Derrick seems to be a good guy.  A humble guy.  And if ANY of that is true, he has got to be an embarrassed guy.  Who knows, maybe embarrassed enough to tell Reggie to simmer down and shut up.  Hopefully he is also smart enough and loyal enough to not let this distract him from brining a championship to Chicago.   I HAVE to believe he would dread being another Le Bron for leaving Chicago.  But I wouldn’t even be thinking this if it were not for the Reggie-Gate I experienced today. 

Yeah, say what you want.  But some days…yes, just some days, I am happy to be an only child. 

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« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2013, 12:56:45 am »

Good thing D Rose doesn't feel the same way.
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Charles Barkley Calls Derrick Rose Brother an Idiot

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