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Author Topic: Mike McGraw Q&A  (Read 1332 times)
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« on: August 04, 2006, 08:33:49 am »

Ok. We were also lucky enough to speak with Mike McGraw, probably the best Bulls writer out there (along with that guy from the SunTimes, not Moronotti, the other one). This ain't getting posted in the Herald, i hope its ok for me to post this..

Here's a link to the transcript.


for example.

Q: Do you see Tyrus Thomas playing a large role with the Chicago Bulls this year? What do you think his primary position will be?

A: I'm sure he'll have his ups and downs, like most rookies. He'll look terrific some nights and disappear other nights. I guess the hope is that he contributes more as the season goes along, so he's ready to be a factor in the playoffs.

I think he'll probably play power forward most often. The Bulls have no choice but to use small lineups frequently, so if he's in there with Nocioni, he may be considered the small forward. But ultimately, I don't think it matters very much as long as Tyrus can block shots and grab some rebounds.

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