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Author Topic: Trade &/or Draft Speculation for Bulls  (Read 30479 times)
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« Reply #180 on: April 12, 2014, 02:23:20 pm »

I'm going to go ahead and say that I think you're reaching big time. I highly, highly doubt they met with him to talk about a highschool teammate, especially one that wasn't highly recruited. The Bulls met with Barnes because he has a lot of potential and they saw him as a potential replacement to Deng.

As for Dougie Mac, I'm nowhere near as high on him as a pro. He'll most likely go down as another GREAT college player that is an average at best pro. He isn't athletic/quick enough to dominate the next level and doesn't have the size to overcome that (and awful D). I see a 3pt specialist at best in the pros. With all the talent available on the wings this year, there's no way I'd trade up for him. Just my 2 cents.
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« Reply #181 on: April 13, 2014, 06:03:31 am »

Just my opinion , and your entitled to yours. Thou, Lavine will be lucky to be a late 1st rd pick, IF he has a good combine and can put on some weight, If not he will be lucky to crack the 1st rd.

His weight is listed at 180 but, he is more like 160 to 170 lbs. That's a boy and it's the NBA no boys allowed. But I see the interest and if I was at the park I'd stick around and watch him play some pick-up. Just needs to lift and get bigger and stronger. The skills have to fit his frame that's all. As of now he is too small. And in this draft means he might be sorry he came out early.

Well that's a logical argument. He might be too risky for a first pick. Maybe a better consideration as our 2nd pick.

BTW anyone check out the last couple of mock drafts? The one at CBS by two of the analyzers was pretty retarded. One guy had Dario Saric as our first choice. Does anyone in this thread actually believe we'd wait on this guy? We're in a situation where we want to draft guys and have them develop ASAP. I don't think we'd wait on Saric after the long wait on Mirotic. Doesn't make sense to me. Saric also like Mirotic, isn't proven yet.

Another analyzer had Aaron Harrison as our primary shooter target. If anything we've learned that this draft is loaded with shooters. Of all of them, why Harrison? He may have been under a good coach and had some clutch shots. But he's had a low shooting % all season long. A terrible defender and overall one of the weakest shooters in this draft. There were even some guys from some weaker programs that looked more impressive and are thought to be potential surprise steals in the 2nd round.
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« Reply #182 on: April 14, 2014, 09:27:14 am »

The highest I see anyone taking a flyer on Lavine is 15th. The Bulls are hoping one of their guys drops to 16th and the 19th selection will be best left on their board.
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« Reply #183 on: April 15, 2014, 02:31:37 am »

Bobcats maybe should take that risk at 24 then.
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