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Author Topic: Oklahoma City SeaHawks in 2015  (Read 864 times)
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« on: February 03, 2014, 09:02:53 am »

 Grin  I don't think so, Clay Bennett doesn't own the Seahawks...yet...  Lips sealed


Dun dun dunnnnnn!

As if Seattle isn’t already mad at Oklahoma City enough, the wonderful people at Mustang Brewing Company made this T-shirt to predict the Seattle Oklahoma City Seahawks’ awesomeness in the 2015 season (because good beer has the ability to turn people into time travelers):
And I can only imagine the reaction Seattle fans might have toward this shirt (and Tweet). You know, something like the looks boxer Floyd Mayweather had when he allegedly lost more than $10 million betting on the Denver Broncos to win it all:

(And in case you didn’t know, Mayweather didn’t actually lose $10 million on a Super Bowl bet. That pesky Internet!)

If this blog post caused any tension, I’d like to squash it right now by showing this amazing picture of Gary Payton, the greatest point guard to ever play, who reminds us to always hug it out:
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