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Author Topic: and with the 2014 #1 overall draft selection, the LA Lakers select...  (Read 26315 times)
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« Reply #180 on: May 24, 2014, 08:11:57 am »

Kobe has been on a rapid decline defensively for quite a few years now, so there's nothing to really be skeptical about. As for Lance, I'm still not completely sold, but I'd definitely want him for the right price ... the 10m+ that is being mentioned is probably a little too high in my opinion. But then again, I'm tight and think everyone is overpaid. But yeah, I think Lance and Kobe could compliment each other, I'd like to see Kobe play off the ball a bit more actually, so anyone who can help that happen.

i guess it wouldn't matter if Kobe were a 2 or 3 if Stephenson just took the opposing team's best wing defensively every night, but John Ireland said the other day that Kobe actually wants to move to the 3.  we still don't fully know what he'll look like coming back, so they probably need to cover their bases with a Stephenson signing.  i only say 10M+ because 8M is a bargain for a 2-way impact player.  i wish we could get him for 8M per..he's 23 with plenty of time to get paid (barring injury), but at the same time he's been playing for 2nd round money for a while.  he's gonna look to cash in.

That's one reason why I'm okay with Marshall sticking around, and I'd really like them to re-sign Meeks. Meeks and Farmar were deadly from outside this year. Pick up Gordon, or Vonleh - who can also shoot from outside, then that's an okay start.
As for Aldridge, I love his game but I think it would take a big collapse in Portland for him to leave anytime soon, as you mentioned.

i like Meeks, but not for more than 1yr because cap space is tight when it comes to their 2015 plans.  i expect Meeks to catch on elsewhere on a multi-year deal, worth at least 3-5M per.  i pretty much expect the same for Young.  i can't see LAL messing up their 2015 big fish hunt by giving average players multi-yr deals for 3-5M annually.  not when they're not winning a title next year.

it'll definitely be hard for Aldridge to turn down the extra money, but on the other hand..when Portland likely falls short of a championship next year he might be faced with the question - " take less money to help the front office bring in more talent and increase my chances of winning here in Portland?..or take less money, move on and try to link up with superstar talents in somewhere like CHI or LA. "  if he really wants to win, and knowing he'll turn 30yo before that season, that's a tough question.  if POR was in the east it'd be easier to answer.

Fair enough.
Fair enough..probably the 2nd ugliest season I've ever seen from the Ravens.
Flacco kind of is a bum..Yeah I get that he isn't that good..
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