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Author Topic: Game 13 review  (Read 19440 times)
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« on: May 19, 2014, 09:28:16 pm »

1st Quarter Stopping the Bleeding

With 6:31 remaining in the opening quarter, Wilson Chandler drains his first three ball attempt of the night to make to cut the Dallas lead to 19-11.  After Monta Ellis again ran around Randy Foye to score, JJ Hickson and Chandler both hit their two free throws.  That's right, a Nugs team that has struggled from the free throw line and beyond the arc this young season, just snapped themselves out of a lethargic start without relying on Ty Lawson to carry the team on his back.

1st Quarter Spark I Believe Came From Actually Making Free Throws

After the above mentioned free throws which made the game 21-15 Dallas, the Nuggets did not miss another shot until the last second ugly looking shot by Nate Robinson.  Over the last six minutes of the quarter JJ Hickson would score 8 (including 2 more from the free throw line), Darrel Arthur would score two pretty looking baskets from his perch around 16-20 feet away, Jordan Hamilton drained a three and Ty Lawson scored a prototypical Ty Lawson field goal attacking the paint.

1st Quarter Grumble

For brevity's sake we will bypass the entire first half of the first quarter but it must be mentioned that both Dallas offensive rebounds should have been prevented and hauled in by JJ Hickson.

2nd Quarter Anthony Randolph Sighting

In 2:57 of floor time, Randolph committed two fouls and missed a three.  Thanks for coming, I'm okay if I don't see you for a couple more games.

2nd Quarter Turnover of the Year

4:38 remaining, Dirk Nowitzki matched up against Evan Fournier reaches over him to drop a pass to Monta Ellis.  Drops it straight onto his head and out of bounds.  I physically LOL'd.

2nd Quarter Just Sayin

2nd year player Evan Fournier (5:20 played)

In his 3 minutes with Andre Miller on the floor, collected zero stats.  In his couple minutes with Ty Lawson on the floor, earned an assist on a lob and missed an open three.

2nd Quarter Frustration

Timmy Mozgov committed a defensive 3 second and an offensive 3 second foul.

3rd Quarter Revelation

During the off season Monta Ellis was a free agent linked to the Denver Nuggets.  During the summer, my thought process was that Ellis "needed" the ball too much and it would take away from Ty Lawson's ability to control the game.  Especially in this quarter, Monta Ellis out hustled every Nugget he faced on the floor.  Yes, the Nugs actually extended their lead from 5 at the half to eight points but my lasting impression will be that Ellis' style would have complimented Lawson's style more than it would have hindered it.  Then again, I stand true to my hope that Evan Fournier earns the starting 2 job over Randy Foye and the signing of Ellis would have derailed that notion.

3rd Quarter Why The Nuggets Extended the Lead

The starting lineup played as a unit for the first 5 minutes and pushed the lead to 69-57.  Everybody but Randy Foye would score a point (Lawson 5, Faried 4, Chandler 2, Hickson 2).  The story here was Kenneth Faried who added a steal, a block, two rebounds and sent Lawson to the races only to get fouled.

With 3:34 remaining, Coach Shaw called a timeout to stop a surging Dallas Maverick team. Dallas closed to within 7 when Ty Lawson drained a three ball to remind the Mavs this was just a game of cat and mouse and the Nuggets were the cat.  Lawson ended the quarter with 13 points.

4th Quarter Face Palm Start

Nate Robinson misses a three on Denver's first possession.  On Dallas' first possession, Dallas is allowed to shoot a WIDE OPEN 3.  Jae Crowder missed the shot but get the Mavs collect the offensive rebound to cut the lead to six.  Gulp!

4th Quarter Timeout Magic

Dallas cut the lead to 89-85 with nine minutes remaining prompting Coach Shaw to call a timeout.  Whatever Coach Shaw said affected Nate Robinson deeply as Nate would go on an 11-2 run himself to put the game out of reach at 100-87.

4th Quarter Unlikely Rebounding Sequence

With just over two minutes remaining, Andre Miller collects back-to-back offensive rebounds on a single Nugget possession.  Miller would collect the defensive rebound on the ensuing Mavs possession but wait, he not done yet.  Miller would also collect the rebound on a missed JJ Hickson free throw.  4 rebounds in the span of about a minute from the oldest player on the court.

4th Quarter Quincy Miller Sighting

With 50 seconds remaining, Quincy Miller gets to the see some floor time.  He got the ball on offense, did a couple school yard spins and jukes then missed his shot.  Q Mil>A Randolph
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