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Author Topic: Game 12 Review  (Read 3147 times)
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Nugs even record at 6

1st Quarter Fun With Numbers

After struggling with giving up offensive rebounds against the Chicago Bulls and OKC Thunder, the Nuggets would only give up 1 offensive rebound to the Mavs in the 1st quarter with 47.2 remaining.  Let's forget that at this point the season, Dallas is the worst rebounding team in the association.

The Nuggets went 7/8 from the free throw line.  Sigh of relief.

1st Quarter Jekyll and Hyde Awards

Candidate 1: Wilson Chandler - - made Dirk Nowitzki earn the two buckets he scored against him in the quarter BUT Chandler's struggles shooting the ball continue.  0-3 from outside, 1-2 on field goals.

Candidate 2: Kenneth Faried - - 6 points, two offensive rebounds contributing to four those points and a couple defensive rebounds, which honestly, if I had anything more than a one inch vertical, I could have reeled in BUT Mavs Shawn Marion (and other Maverick players) were able slip inside or around him the entire quarter.  On one Marion basket, it was obvious by Ty Lawson's reaction that Faried simply didn't bother to hustle back to contest Marion.  This led to Denver's first timeout with 6:19 remaining.

2nd Quarter EEP Award

Timmy Mozgov recap goes like this - -> Nowitzki up & under for two points against, screening foul, offensive 3 second violation, missed shot, interception.  Is there a better adjective than "Eep" to describe that timeline?  Mozgov was sat down after two and a half minutes in which the Mavs cut the Nugs lead from 13 to 5.

2nd Quarter Captain Obvious

Dallas played the night before and look tired losing 65-53 going into the half.  Truth is the score should be much more lopsided but eight Nugget turnovers in the quarter have aided the Mavs keep this game a good run away from taking it back.

2nd Quarter Defensive Good & Bad

Wilson Chandler and Darrel Arthur have made Mavs star Dirk Nowitzki earn his points tonight BUT Monta Ellis has been allowed two wide open threes, been sent to the free throw line on three separate occasions collecting five points and was once allowed to two extra strides by the referees in scoring a layup.

3rd Quarter How Dallas Cut the Lead to Only Six

Vince Carter ate up Jordan Hamilton like a python eats a mouse.  Worse yet, JHam put up three shots NONE of which were close to going in.

In the first half the Mavericks collected one offensive rebound.  In the third quarter the Mavericks collected SIX.

3rd Quarter Tough Start For Ty Lawson

 On 3 of the first six Nugs possessions, Ty Lawson turned the ball over.  Luckily this only resulted in 2 Dallas points with Kenneth Faried coming up large on the first turnover racing back and timing the block perfectly.

At the 8:07 mark Ty Lawson somehow ended up guarding Dirk Nowitzki.  The visual was epic and the basket was easily made by Dirk.

4th Quarter Fist Pump Moment

The first 5 three point attempts in the quarter where missed by the Nugs (2 by Foye & Chandler respectively and 1 by Fournier) then with 1:01 remaining, Randy Foye drains the 3 giving Denver back the lead at 101-100!

4th Quarter Question I Would Like To Ask Coach Shaw

The Denver announcers on League Pass were nauseatingly harping on the fact the Mavs were playing a zone defense, which the Nugs exploited in the first half, but seemingly refused to penetrate in the fourth quarter.  Umm, why is that Mr. Shaw?

On the topic of Mr. Shaw, the man showed some gumption benching JJ Hickson with 3:03 remaining after he, and I quote the Denver announcers, "stopped moving allowing Monta Ellis into the paint".

4th Quarter Jekyl and Hyde Award

Goes to the Nugs free throw shooting.  After Dallas took a 90-89 lead with 7:25 remaining, Kenneth Faried drains 2/2 free throws to take the lead back.  With the score 92-91 in favor of the Nugs, Lawson and Foye would extend the lead to 96-91 draining their free throws, BUT with the scored tied at 98 with 2:22 remaining, Lawson misses both his free throws FACEPALM
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