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Author Topic: Lakers quietly tanking?  (Read 2389 times)
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« on: October 30, 2014, 10:50:19 am »


This article makes some good points, the Lakers off season was a weird one to say the least. If they really wanted to compete this year, they probably would've signed Isaiah Thomas, who publicly said he wanted to be a Laker, but instead helped out the rockets by taking on J. Lin's contract. If they begged hard enough, they probably couldve found a way to keep Gasol short term or long term, but he bolted after a couple lackadaisical meetings with Mitch. All that being said, Mitch has always been one step ahead of everyone else, and always will. He probably looked at a roster of Thomas, Gasol, Bryant, Hill, and though it was good enough to win games, but not good enough to really compete. In my opinion, the Lakers are doing whats necessary for the future. Superstars don't change teams that often, so why not build a nice supporting cast for a couple years till you really have a chance?
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