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Author Topic: Lakers Plan This offseason  (Read 2690 times)
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« on: July 10, 2016, 05:15:02 pm »

Lakers plan

"What the lakers are doing this offseason?" That's a questions NBA fans have been wondering since the last free agency Lakers move this year. With Timofey Mozgov and Luol Deng sign up for large contacts, and keeping young, solid players like Clarkson and Nance for a considerable amount of money in regard of sophomores. A lot of people has criticize the lakers moves, calling them sense less and wastes of money. Haven't sign a single player who could improve their roster, it's normal that they had receive this commentaries. But let's stop for a second and consider this. Why if the lakers don't want to improve?

Sounds a bit crazy right? Considering they have had the worst couple of years in their long and rich NBA history. But let me explain why. The Lakers have arguably the best young and undeveloped core in the league, maybe after the T'wolves, and a few of high draft picks. The sinking is done. Lakers now have their young core. And having this, the best they can do is develop those young talents at their best, improve their individual game as well as their collective one.

And the best way of doing this is, bringing in strong role players, that contrast with your young talent, and giving many minutes to that core. It's fair to say that it is less than appealing to these role play players. Enter those big contracts. Now they accept with the promise of big money and solid minutes.

Now, whats's left for you Lakers fan to hope, is that Luke Walton take advantage of that 5-Year contract and develops this young team to it's best. It ain't an easy task. But could workout pretty nice to the purple and gold team. Best case scenario, Russell, Randle, Clarkson and the recently drafted Ingram develop at a great level and with a terrific chemistry, they have a solid, playoff contending, self created team, that's what happen to Golden State this last couple years. In a less optimistic note, Los Angeles could become a solid team that is more appealing destination to the best players of the league, and become then a competitive team.

It could also be a really bad deal to Lakers, adding a couple of years to that terrible streak they have been having. To then become a slightly better team, so enough, to land a player that could actually improve the team.

It's a stretch, i'll give you that, but you can't just say this offseason have been completely irresponsible and messy for the L.A. team. At the very least you now understand the logic behind this few last lakers movements.
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