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Author Topic: Lopez for Stevenson  (Read 1606 times)
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« on: January 16, 2015, 01:11:41 am »

Upon reading the headline on Hoopshype's front page, I am deeply disgusted.

I like Stevenson.  I would like him on our team, but realistically Jack would more than suffice for Stevenson.  Actually, if the Nets trade Jack for Stevenson, I would demand the Hornets to throw in a future 2nd rounder. 

If trading Lopez is in hopes of dumping salary, there are so many other routes we can take.  Ship Joe Johnson or Deron to the Lakers this off season.  Lakers will bite.  They won't overpay for the free agents of 2015 since the prizes are all in 2016, so they'll take the one year rental on Joe, and maybe even Deron.  Sprinkle in some 2nd rounders and everyone will be happy.

But if we're going to dump Lopez, we can't just gift him away.  At least get some picks in return (although who would do that since he has a players option next season).  So trading him away and trading for him doesn't make any sense for anyone.


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