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Author Topic: Playing With The Trade Machine  (Read 5212 times)
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« on: February 14, 2016, 04:34:12 pm »

It is that time of the year, so here is my way to fix this roster considering some of the rumors that are floating around (Miami wanting to trade Whiteside, Boston looking for a big man, Phoenix blowing things up, etc)


Monroe, MCW + first round pick - OUT
Whiteside, Knight, McBob - IN

Whiteside, McBob, Andersen - OUT
Morris, Sullinger + first round pick IN

Sullinger, Lee + 2 first round picks (Not Brooklyn's) - OUT
Monroe IN

Knight, Morris OUT
MCW, Lee, Andersen + 2 first round picks IN

Boston gets their big man without giving up any major assets. Monroe wont make them as good as Cleveland but they would get better and still keep Brooklyn's top 5 pick in this draft. Miami doesn't want to spend 80-100M this offseason trying to sign Whiteside as they are looking to go after Durant. They get rid of McBob's undesirable contract, and Andersen's dead weight by trading Whiteside. In return they get Morris who is young, talented and signed to a good contract as well as 1 year rental of Sullinger to beef up their front line. They also get a first round pick which they can flip later on. Bucks get Knight back (should have never been traded) and Whiteside who would be a great fit on this team. Whiteside gets to either show us he can be a double-double and block machine in which case Bucks can give him 20M/year that his agent will ask for. Or he turns into Larry Sanders 2.0 in which case Bucks can drop him this Summer and spend money elsewhere.

Feel free to agree or criticize.
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